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The Bonny Buyer is located at 1226 Ave H in Fort Madison, IA. It is a free weekly shopper that is distributed in the Iowa-Illinois area through the mail. The paper is affiliated with four other Community Media Group papers in the area: The Daily Democrat in Fort Madison, The Daily Gate City and the Lee & Hancock Shopper in Keokuk, and the Hancock County Journal-Pilot in Carthage, IL. This group of papers collectively is known as the Mississippi Valley Publication (MVP).

Bonny Buyer Beginnings
Alan and Rosemary Young started the Bonny Buyer, a tabloid-sized shopper, in the later part of 1972. They also owned and published the West Point Bee and Donnellson Star weekly newspapers. In May 1973, Ray and Becky Fullenkamp purchased the Bonny Buyer and over the course of several years, increased the circulation from just over 2,000 copies to 23,000 copies. The page count went from eight pages at the time of purchase to a weekly average of 36 to 40 pages.

The Fullenkamps sold the Bonny Buyer in July of 1994 to the Brehm Communications, Inc. of San Diego, CA. Ray continued as the publisher of the Bonny Buyer until his retirement in 2007. Becky retired as office manager a year later.

Bonny Buyer Today
In the 1970s, very few businesses did preprints. Today, the Bonny Buyer averages six preprints per week that are inserted into the paper. The entire paper is designed and paginated on computers. And this web site has been added to allow readers a 24/7 on-line access to us. Readers can check out the current issue. The Bonny Buyer contact us via e-mail to place a classified advertisement.



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